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About Us 

     We are located in Greenwood MS we have been serving the local areas for over 21 years, we pride ourselves in giving our patients one one care.

We realized early on that all medical equipment suppliers supply the same basic equipment. But what they didn't have was the compassion and love we have for the patients. These are the hallmarks under which Quality Medical was established. We strive to get your equipment to you timely, train you and your caregivers to feel confident. We are are on call 24/7 if you need us. We are Medicare HQAA certified. 

 Our employees have a average tenure of over 12 years and a combined experience of 46 years. They are highly trained and here to help you.


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Our Story


The difference in Quality Medical and most other medical equipment web pages and our main goal educate patients 

We want you to be unpowered with knowledge to feel confident and able to make informed decisions. This is our first priority. This sight if full of education and you don't find what you want just email or stop buy our store. Over the Years we have put together books and educational packets that address our patients needs.

How we have accomplished this; We have effective and established training programs, are designed to improve employee retention and increase staff morale, thereby creating a positive, motivated, and competent workforce. Our employees make this company and we want them happy and confident. Our newest employee has been with us over 8 years. Our employees are consistently training and learning. We have experts in Respiratory, Bracing, Diabetes, Ambulatory, Mobility, and care for Bariatric Patients. 

How we are better we stock a large inventory of critical equipment and Bracing. We keep a large inventory of Ventilators and Oxygen concentrators  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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